Work With Me In Person!

There are a few ways to work with me in person and I truly feel that this is such a valuable way to work together; take some time to explore each option and see which fits best for you. 

Each of these options provides an understanding of how stress is created and experienced within the body as well as providing the first aid tools you need to overcome it.  

I see all of my sessions as “gardening for the mind”, there’s no instant success; However through a series of conversations and imparting techniques and knowledge you can learn to remove and weed out your old beliefs, judgements and misunderstandings whilst planting and nurturing the seeds of insight and understanding, until they blossom and grow into a new and peaceful future.

You have the power to beat stress – I give you the skills and knowledge to do it!

Let’s work together & Keep in touch!

I know everyone is busy and prefers to learn and work differently, that’s why I’ve created a range of options to help you get to the new you…

A Day with Dawn

Join me on my one-day First Aid for Stress 1-1 Master Class.  This one-day course is an emotionally light and transformational conversation, during which time you will learn about the heart of anxiety, stress and the power of thought and its impact to you physically and emotionally. 

The class usually runs from 10 am to 4pm and includes a healthy lunch.

Duration: 6 hours


Offered in: Studio

If you think this is for you, I’d love to meet you …

It’s All About You :

If you want a little bit more time to explore and imbed my tools and techniques, or even just a little bit more time for you, then my micro-retreat is the perfect option.

In this safe space, we take time to look at:

  • diagnostic body work & healing treatment
  • coaching
  • Relaxation, lengthening and injury prevention exercises
  • A hard copy of my book “The Truth about stress and burnout”
  • Access to our private face group book

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Cost: £175

Offered in: Studio

Face to Face VIP Coaching Sessions

These coaching session are very special, as are you. Sometimes you just need to talk it out and perhaps not sure what or how much support you need……

Stress Management / Personal Development

In this course/session I teach you about a body system which creates the feelings of stress.  I teach you the simplest understanding of your body which will effortlessly allow you to let go of the physical feelings which are associated with your stress or low mood and the hold negative thinking has on you.  Whether you are currently stressed or not, this knowledge will have a positive impact on you.  Understanding and embracing this knowledge and these techniques can drop your stressful feelings by at least 20%, permanently, leaving you feeling happier and incredibly peaceful.

Activate FAFS 'the essentials' (for life change)

Activate FAFS is a series of weekly group sessions offering targeted advice to turbo-boost your emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing.  I call this my “essentials for life change”. The information provided is based in fact and I don’t use any jargon.  By the end of this program you will have made definite life-changing choices about your future from your relationships, career and health to your finances, lifestyle and well-being. This truly is a ‘clean-sweep’.

Term 1:         Stress busting techniques

Term 2:         Relationships

Term 3:         The ‘life change’ project phoenix

Duration: 6pm – 8.30pm for 5 weeks (term time only)


Offered in:

Activate can also be booked in for a weekend retreat with a minimum of 3 people.  Perhaps you want to get some people together and give yourself some time to put into creating a healthier and happier mind and body.

Duration:       9.45am – 4.45pm

Cost:  £200 to include lunch

Offered in:  Old Bakery Studios

Relax, Recharge & Stillness – Spiritual Development Workshops

Being able to relax, recharge and find stillness is so important in centring yourself. These lovely workshops focus on spiritual development, joining the mind and the body.  We look at your needs and find a space to work within these as well as learning meditation and relaxation teachings and breathing exercises.  In these workshops, I help you find your anchor for stillness.

Duration: 6pm – 8.30pm for 5 weeks (term time only)

Cost:  £150 per term

Offered In:  To be held at old bakery studios in the events space following strict Covid rules. Max 20 people

If you’ve had a look at all the options and nothing seems to fit or you’re not sure what you need, please get in touch and have a chat with me.