About Dawn

General feedback from clients

What they say about first aid for stress
The focus on education and information leaves my clients feeling like they care able to regain control of different aspects of their lives.

Individual Feedback

Job Role?

“We condition ourselves to be a certain way. Human beings don’t realise but the way we act towards ourselves conditions us to be a certain way that we may not want to be. A matter of noticing this and then starting to work on it – Dawn made me aware of these things. ”

Job Role?

“I have a diagnosis of Bipolar, when I have a down turn I start not sleeping. Can get to acute psychosis but hasn’t got to that for years. Dawn has been one of the people in my life that has really helped to ground me and manage my illness. It’s like a weight is lifted. She is a very special person. I believe that I can pull myself through it. She’s helped me be proud of who I am and love and accept myself.”

Job Role?

“Dawn has both learning and experience, she sees you as a person, not as a condition. Dawn empowers you – what she says has so much sense and clarity. Dawn has helped me to balance myself, manage my health and recognise the thought patterns and change them – to find balance in my life and nurture myself.”


“Dawn taught me that it’s a thought process, if you can change your thinking you can change the reality of how you experience things. It’s given me strength and clarity in all my relationships.”


“She’s very good at listening but her skill is she can find the issue in an intuitive way. Her intuition, is a real gift and ability to connect and understand people’s bodies and how that relates to them on an emotional level. She has an insight into what’s happening in your body and mind and shares it with you – she wants you to learn. There’s no feeling of any rush – she takes her time with you. There’s no ego with her!”