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The First Aid For Stress is divided into eight units with the whole course lasting 20 weeks.

Each unit consists of focussed reading, reaffirming audio and video material, and guided exercises to complete in your own time. We will also have twice-weekly online group discussions and I encourage you to participate in the online community forum, of which I am an active member.

The programme has been designed to become a part of your everyday life. No element is very time consuming but you should be thinking about what you learn often. This process will probably happen very naturally. I estimate it should take around three to six hours each week, but this is just a suggestion. Do as much as you can and feel proud that you’re taking steps in the right direction!

Just remember to take your time and implement small changes while checking in regularly. This is how we will create lasting change! For more information on what the First Aid For Stress covers, take a look below.

An Introduction to Stress​

To begin, we’ll introduce ourselves to stress, a completely natural human function that can cause an outstanding number of problems. In the unit, we cover:

– What stress actually is.
– What causes stress.
– The signs of stress.
– The different types of stress.
– Where stress becomes unhealthy.
– How stress develops.
– How to deal with stress and panic attacks.

Understanding how stress manifests itself (and what we can do to control it) is vital to our recovery. The subsequent units will then deal with common conditions caused by stress.

Adrenal Fatigue and Burnout

In Unit 2, we tackle two big subjects. The first is Adrenal Fatigue, a condition I believe serves as a link between long-term stress and a range of severe conditions including Burnout and ME. Whether you’ve hit Adrenal Fatigue or not, this unit will guide you in understanding it more. Then we move onto Burnout, a syndrome that presents itself as utter physical, emotional and spiritual exhaustion. The unit covers:

– An introduction to Adrenal Fatigue.
– The causes of Adrenal Fatigue.
– Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue.
– Dealing with Adrenal Fatigue.
– An introduction to Burnout.
– The types of people susceptible to Burnout.
– How Burnout happens (and how your job
might be contributing to it).
– Burnout symptoms.

How to deal with career burnout.
Hot tips for Burnout recovery.
Identifying differences between Burnout, stress, insomnia and fatigue.

Sleep, Insomnia and Fatigue

Unit 3 tackles a problem many of us face whether we’re suffering from long-term stress or not… a lack of sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is a vital part of maintaining good mental and physical health, but many of us simply aren’t getting enough. To help you improve your sleep, we cover:

– An introduction to sleep.
– The causes of sleep problems.
– Easy ways to enjoy better sleep.
– Symptoms of insomnia.
– An introduction to napping.
– How to maximise your naps.
– How your internal body clock works.
– Your diet – an essential part of a good
night’s rest.
– Healthy eating guidance.
– Your new bedtime routine.

Making Sense of ME

In this unit, we study a condition beyond stress, exhaustion and insomnia. This condition is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME. There is a lot of confusion around ME, but in this unit, I will look to answer your many questions and guide you on your road to recovery. To do that, we will cover:

– An introduction to ME.
– The (many) symptoms of ME.
– My experience living with ME.
– A deeper look into ME.
– The causes of ME.
– Early years stress as a contributing
factor to ME.
– ME triggers.
– Coping and recovering from ME symptoms.
– Recovering from Fatigue.

Understanding Your Body

In Unit 5, we get to grips with the physical impact of your thoughts. I believe that understanding how your body is impacted by thought is absolutely fundamental to reducing stress. In this vital unit, we will cover:

– An introduction to how your brain works.
– An introduction to thoughts.
– The effect of thoughts.
– The origin of thought.
– About triggers.
– Tips on how to deal with stressful beliefs and
– An introduction to your body and emotions.
– Your Optimal Default Setting.

Making Sense of ME

Everyone can benefit from improved relationships, but many simply don’t have the tools to do so. In this unit, we take a look at how to deal with bad or toxic relationships. Most importantly, I will teach you how to spot someone trying to take advantage of you plus give you some tips on keeping them out of your life. The unit covers:

– An introduction to relationships, good and bad.
– Defining toxic relationships.
– Installing boundaries.
– The science behind predators.
– Dealing with being duped.
– Upgrading your relationships.
– Maintaining boundaries.

Physical Implications of Stress

In Unit 7, we take a look at the physical impact of stress on your body. Many of us suffer from weakness and general misalignment of the muscles, and it’s this that Unit 7 aims to improve. We cover some widespread problems including:

– Working a desk job.
– Wrist tendonitis.
– Eye strain.
– Bad backs.

For each, I will also provide you with the exercises and tools needed to prevent or improve physical pains.

Dealing with Addictions

In the final unit, we take a look at addictions. The aim is to help you ditch the addictions that are harming you. Whether it’s alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or legal stimulates such as caffeine and sugar, we should all know how to spot and deal with the addictions. In this final unit we cover:

– An introduction to addictions.
– How addictions are forged.
– The science behind addictions.
– Smoking, alcohol and Cannabis.
– Quitting your addictions.

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How to sign up & programme options:

We have broken this programme up into a digestible and progressive plan to allow everyone to plan and navigate a path out of stress. Below we have all the options available for taking part in the First Aid for Stress programme and included many free perks! Each member will have to take on the essentials foundation course, however we do have options and bolt ons to build from there:


First Aid for Stress - Essential Foundations


8 Week Group Coaching Course – Units 1,2,4,
Free Bonus – Unit 3 + an extra webinar – introduction to the Antidote for Stress.
People who pay in full get a free invite to ‘A Day with Dawn’ workshop valued at £120

– 1 x 30 min 1-1 call with coaching Dawn (after booking)
– 1 x weekly live 90 min class
– 1 x live Q & A
– All course content – video, digital pdf and hard copy book, plus printable exercise sheets and
– Entry to ‘fafs club’ our member only community
– Meditation audios

Expansions & Bolt Ons

Relationships: Units 5 + 6

+ £400

Addictions: Units 7 + 8

+ £400

– 1 x weekly live 90 min class
– 1 x live Q & A
– All course content – video, digital pdf and
hard copy book, plus printable exercise
sheets and journal.
– Free Bonus Unit 7 plus 2 x 30 min 1 – 1
coaching calls with Dawn

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