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The world has changed radically in the space of one year and managing our stress has been harder than ever.

We all experience stress at various stages of our life, from the inconvenient niggles to the full on near breakdown situations and your body takes it all. It’s time to start taking care about you because the truth about stress is that it messes up your body, mind and life.

First Aid for Stress helps you understand what turns your world upside down, and how to fix it. No matter what stage you are at with stress management, we have you covered. If you find yourself in a good place right now and simply need help staying on track we can help, if you find yourself completely overwhelmed and unable to cope, we have your back.

Stress is NOT normal. We’ve been conditioned to believe that stress is a given, existing as a part of our everyday lives. I believe that stress is anything but ‘normal’.

In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.

You’re probably dealing with a lot right now...

From financial worries to sleepless nights...

Have you found yourself in a cycle of stress? Unable to deal with the day to day routines, you may be dealing with a number of stressful situations including:


Have you been struggling with stress in your relationships? Perhaps you have ended up attracting toxic or emotionally unavailable partners, or struggle to hold boundaries with friends & family.


People pleasing can become a dangerous habit that guess what – leaves you stressed and unfullfilled, are you saying yes to avoid conflicts? Do you need to stop puttung the needs of everyone else before yours?


Addictions come in many forms from ditching cigerettes to staying off social media. Perhaps you use these “tools” as a form of comfort and reassurance during stressful times, its not a long term fix.


Are you feeling under pressure with tight deadlines? Do you feel overwhelmed working from home and can’t switch off? Perhaps you are even looking after a family too, it needs to be addressed.


Stress can lead to long term problems like difficulty sleeping, whether you are counting sheep, suffering with nocturnal panic attacks or simply can’t switch off your thoughts, FAFs can help.

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How can FAFS help me and how is it different?


This is the perfect fit for you if you are looking for:


Feeling empowered as an individual, gaining strength.


No quick fix solution, fully dedicated to doing the work


Methods grounded in science and tested in reality


Long term change that will serve you in the future


Educating the mind, body and spirit to find peace.


Forgiving and realistic, accepting of bumps in the road


Teaching techniques to build on, not promising answers


A place to share your journey with others struggling with stress

What you’ll get with First Aid For Stress Coaching

Try it for 30 days!

I believe the First Aid For Stress online program will work for you. It’s what I needed to ‘learn and do’ to change my life and create a new perspective. If my programme doesn’t deliver what you expected, get in touch to chat, if you’re still disappointed I’ll give your money back. Simple as that!

Designed and developed with love by your coach Dawn Symons

Hi! I’m Dawn, the writer, thinker and coach behind the First Aid For Stress. Over the past three decades, I’ve worked with people of all ages to reduce their physical or emotional tension, pain, fatigue and fears.

I’ve been a student nurse, coach, masseuse and multi-disciplined holistic practitioner. But now I prefer the term multi-dimensional healer as my therapy combines the best of all my studies!

Throughout my career, I’ve made it my personal goal to help people in their most difficult moments. To me, it’s not just a job, it’s what I was born to do.

Let’s work together! You can choose to...

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